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  • MaryEllen McCloud

January 11, 2019

The Father says, I am releasing new areas of freedom to My people this hour. Areas that you were unable to escape from will be delivered through creative arts. I am downloading new talents to you where you will express and release until you are unbound. Listen to the whispers of My Spirit. As you flow your pain through various media sources, I will use your freedom to free others as they hear and see your story.

Do not be afraid to be vulnerable for you are a blessing that I desire the world to see. I have watched over the wounds with great care, for I Am the Great Physician. I am plowing a new way where there was none previously. You have tried with your own hands to be free of this pain. I say to you that a fresh anointing is falling upon you this day, and it will overcome you with new creative ideas.

I inspire all of My creation to be fruitful, and beauty will come from the ashes. Many things have come against you as you tried to heal, but I say this is your moment. The purpose is coming into the Light. Many have claimed you brought this misery upon yourself. Forget what the ill-advised believe. I set your feet upon dry ground. I will restore what was stolen and taken from you.

I do not consult the opinions of your enemies when I bring favor and blessings to you. I have called you good and prosperous. Do not apologize when I bless you in abundance financially. Only a fool would think Heaven is poor and lacks everlasting resources. Let My Glory and Honor rain upon you this day. Do not look back to the weeds and dry land in the distant past. You are coming out of all that came against you. It doesn’t matter what the naysayers comment about. No one can stop what My Voice has commanded over your life!

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