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  • MaryEllen McCloud

January 2, 2019

The Father says, As the crow flies is how My people will see many things suddenly manifest in their life. For what used to take a long time to develop and fully come into being will not be your experience in the coming months. You will find that even your prayers will have a very quick response time.

You are at a turning point that you did not even know was coming. For what I am doing in the Earth realm has never been before in this completion. Listen to what I am sharing with you this day. What was the standard practice and protocol among My people and what was expected from the ‘Christian’ experience is not going to be the norm or expectation any longer. Reach deeper!

Too many have fallen asleep between the moment they got saved and the last prayer they made ten years ago. I will bring even a shaking and awakening to the pagan who is standing near the one who fell asleep. For I say to you that what I am doing will not be missed even by the one who wants to miss it.

I have raised up New Vessels who are called to be My Plumbline within My Body. The Great Alignment has already begun, but New Power and Keys of Authority are being handed to these Mighty Vessels. It is time for My People to see what a unified Bride can really do for My Namesake. It is time for the Weak Mindset to be obliterated once and for good. I am not finished with My Creation and My Purpose on Earth!

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