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  • MaryEllen McCloud

December 30, 2018

The Father says, The Vineyards are almost ripe, and the New Wine Skins have been made ready. What is about to be poured out into My Vessels will never cease upon this Earth. My Spirit will continue to move over the water, over the land, and over the air until the end of days. My Faithful and True are coming forth in this hour for the greatest demonstration of My Glory that man has ever witnessed before.

Continue pressing forward for you are about to crossover into a new awakening and new reality. New Spiritual weapons and tools are being placed upon you. New Strategies from Heaven are being received in the Spirit. The Land you are going to is nothing like where you are leaving. Release the old mindset and thoughts about how things used to work or happen. This is a New Day in every respect. See beyond your natural eyes.

I have been with you since the beginning, and I will be with you in all things. Reach up and Grab My Hand. There is nothing you are facing that I have not created a way out of. Do you believe Me? Do not strive on your own or place your trust in the wrong things. When you are calm, My Spirit will speak to you about that issue. I will give you clarity and direction. Be Open to what I will tell you. It may not go along with the logic of man.

You must decide to use the gifts that I have given you. Favor and Great Blessings come to you and to the people you are sent to for My Namesake. For what you decide to place down on the ground, someone else will surely be glad to receive. Do not miss out on what I desire to do in your life. Letting fear rule you will most assuredly keep you out of seeing and tasting My Best for you. Come Forth into My Glory this Hour. I have much to show you!

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