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  • MaryEllen McCloud

December 28, 2018

The Father says, Watch and See, for the next turn around the bend holds a dear surprise that I have longed to give you. The days of thinking you have to toil away to receive My Love are over! Drop all of that dead weight, and come sit by My Living Waters. You are not a peasant but My Royal Bride. There is nothing that I will withhold from you that is for your good benefit.

I desire our relationship to be easy and carefree. Stop the works, for they are the very dead things you need to drop. You are already Mine! We are already One! You do not need to try to impress Me like a man. I already know all, and you have been My Called and Chosen since the Beginning. I have not turned away from you. I already took care of that issue before the problem even became your reality. I will give you Clean Hands and a Pure Heart. I will restore all of the broken pieces, and I will return you to whole.

There is nothing that is out of My reach. Understand that I will not go against the free-will that I have bestowed upon you. If you choose another path, I will still speak softly to your heart wooing you back into My arms, but I will not force you to come. The prodigal son has to come to his own end and decide to return.

All of Heaven is preparing with expectation for you to taste My Goodness after such a long drought. Seasons make and mold a person. Look up to see My Divine Purpose. I will turn even the curses you placed upon yourself into diamonds. Get Ready for the Winds and Rains of My Spirit are replenishing the land right before your eyes.

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