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  • MaryEllen McCloud

December 25, 2018

The Father says, I am opening new doors of influence for you. Doors that were slammed shut will easily open this time. Look around you and ask Me. My Spirit is moving to areas that I desire you to walk in. For My Voice will come through you with clarity, and people will realize you were sent with authority. You will walk confidently before friends and strangers alike.

Lean on Me for I will be with you while you move through these doors. Nothing in front of you is something you will not be successful in. Release the past mistakes, and know that Your Father in Heaven says Yes and Amen! Be Bold before My Throne. When your heart is aligned with Mine, nothing will be impossible for you to do or see.

Many of My people have become content in not receiving the signs and wonders that were once less unfamiliar. Why do you expect so little? If I was the God of then, why do you not believe I will be the God of Now? Belief that I cannot or will not is what prevents you from seeing and witnessing My Glory and Majesty. If you want little, you will receive little.

I say to you, Think Bigger! You are Kingdom Carriers everywhere you go. If I live inside of you, then you are only moments away from your miracle. Believe and Trust that I will show up with Power at the right moment. Know that some things you are asking for will be completed by your children, and this is a blessing to them. For reaping a generational harvest and favor will be multiplied to them. I will come through for you, and I will not fail!

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