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  • MaryEllen McCloud

December 21, 2018

The Father says, I am calling you higher. My Spirit will come upon you revealing patterns of anger, bitterness, and offense that must come to an end. Understand that these areas damage your own soul, as well as, others around you. Your walk becomes weakened with a deadening to My call over your life.

What you seek and desire to see in your life is a direct result of the areas you choose to have mastery over. The Christ in you will ensure you are an overcomer in all things. I have not left you without the tools to conquer even the most stubborn strongholds. People know you by what you display in different situations. You cannot be known as a liar and think that people will believe I have sent you!

What is in your heart matters in every aspect. If you slander your brother or tear down your sister, will this not affect your path in the call? You knelt before Me and asked to be used for My Glory and Honor. Many have walked away before the cleansing was completed. The Christ in you will continue to challenge your character.

Many called in the Bible found out how deeply a character bent could decimate their path. I Am in the business of recovery and restoration. However, the consequences from poor choices will place you in the grip of the enemy. You can place yourself out of the promises of what I so freely desire to place in your life. Come and sit with Me so that I may reveal the hidden places of your heart.

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