• MaryEllen McCloud

Temples Shall Fall


In an open vision today, I saw the Temples of Buddhism and Hinduism crumble and fall over. And in response, many other temples of false religions became weak and cracked. Then I saw an angel press his finger on the wall and it too fell over. God brought me back to the Words Given over India. We are approaching the time when these words shall begin to take form and come to pass.

October 15, 2015 Word for India

The Lord says, “India My Precious Jewel. So much of your Beauty still lies in waiting to come forth. Hear Me India. I have GREAT and MIGHTY plans for you. For the suffering that the people have endured is coming to an end. My Grace and Mercy is being poured out to this generation with payback for all that has come against and scorned this nation. Look Now, for the veil is being lifted from your eyes even in this hour. I Speak a Generational Blessing and Remove all Curses placed over the Land through your ancestors. A CLEAN SLATE are you given today as a Nation! I will pour out My Spirit over the water and over the dry rocky soil. Fruitful and Fertile will your hands become. For what was barren and wasted, will now produce for My Glory and Honor. What was hidden will now be seen by ALL! For I say to you My India, that you will become a POWERFUL and UNSTOPPABLE NATION FOR MY NAMESAKE. I speak ACCELERATION over the people. You will walk out of the past and into your Bright Future under the Canopy of My Protection and Open Heaven!”

March 12, 2016 To the Nation of India

The Lord says, “India, You will become a Beacon to the World, for within Your Borders You will become a Christian Nation in just a DECADE OF TIME! I Will Wipe Away what is not of Me. What was designed to destroy your People and your Lands will be No More! No Longer will you be a cursed nation, and You will FOREVER be Called a Blessed and Highly Favored Nation. For I say that even this Generation will Behold the Truth of these Words. My Word will not Return Void. I WILL COVER YOUR NATION WITH MY HAND FOR THIS WORD WILL BE SO!”

God showed me that India will spark change in regions around her borders. The eyes will be open and the ears will suddenly be able to hear the Voice of the Lord and no longer the enemy.

There has never been a time where I posted these words and someone has not written something nasty in response. Understand.. God will not be stopped. All of the forces of hell will not stop what He has Spoken. God alone is in control.

Between 2019-2020, Wings Reborn (our other ministry) will be expanding into India to work with people escaping Human Trafficking. God birthed my passion for the Indian people over a decade ago. The path seems daunting and I have no idea how God will do it all, but I know He surely will. If you would like to know how you can help or be involved, please check out our website.

God Bless,

~MaryEllen ♥ Replenished Hope Ministries, Wings Reborn Ministries

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