• MaryEllen McCloud

December 7, 2018

The Father says, There is nowhere that you can go or hide that will keep you away from My Love for you! Even if you feel a reason to run, I will be there wherever you go. You cannot do anything that will separate Me from You. We are One. Come sit by the brook with Me. Let Me minister to your broken heart. Allow Me to replace your pain with purpose. I can write the wrongs, and I will remove the scars.

Ask Me to do the Impossible, and I will show that All Things are Possible. I look for reasons to bring favor and blessings to your door daily. Do not allow one moment of failure to define your life. I can make beauty from the ashes even now. Beauty from Pain is My Song over your heart this very day. Make your petitions, and I will breathe My Spirit into your life right now where you are.

I do not require one to clean up before they come to Me. I do not expect you to do things that are impossible for you to do without Me. My People need to fully understand that the Cross changed everything! I took the curse so that you would be free. Call upon Me, and I will release those who are bound. I cannot go against My Word and Will for My Creation. The sooner you come to Me, the sooner I can work on your needs. Do you really want to stay in that pit for one more hour?

Do not ruin a perfectly good day thinking about the past. Push against the negative thoughts that come against you. I will help you in all things! As you lay down your filthy rags, I will show you one by one how My Glory will redeem and restore what was broken and lost. Rest in My Arms. I will make all things beautiful, just watch and see!