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  • MaryEllen McCloud

December 5, 2018

The Father says, Grab your bags because I am about to move many of you into your new positions and territories. It is time to cease your season of rest and preparation, for now everything is fully ready around you. I have given you many tell tale signs that Now was your moment. Get ready for the new exciting journey is about to begin.

My angels are handing out the assignments and resources needed for what lies ahead. All of the details have been taken into consideration and nothing is missing. Do not become alarmed that the enemy has been busy setting traps soon into your new path. I am enabling you to see these pitfalls well ahead of time, so that you can successfully overcome. Staying in a place of peace and serenity will be vital, for a frustrated mind and soul will cause you to lose your joy.

There will be some push back, but know that as you push through, the victory will be yours. Not everyone will be happy when you arrive. Change can be difficult for many, and they will not have open arms towards you. Let it roll off of your back. I am not calling you to everyone you encounter. I will deal with those who are against you. Just focus on who I am sending you too. Know the difference so that you can avoid working in areas that are not for you.

Feel My Love wrapped around you. I am for you and not against you. Even in the times you questioned My goodness and faithfulness, I was always steadfast and chased over you. You are coming to a place where the past seasons will come into clarity, and the purpose for many life experiences will be understood in a way that you could not experience before. I have allowed you to have a human experience so that you would be able to discover My love for you on a level that would not have been reached any other way. Just watch and see what I do next for you. You are My Precious Child. Nothing will I withhold from you.

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