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  • MaryEllen McCloud

December 3, 2018

The Father says, Not every assignment I send you to, will be one that you see through to completion. I am calling many of you away into new assignments, but you are resistant because you still see so much more work to be done where you are. My people heed My Voice, and pick up and move when I say to. If you stay beyond the designated time, you will place obstacles and hindrances in the way of the people who are still assigned there.

Rejoice, for you have grown much in this last season, and you are ready for new levels of My Glory. You will not be able to see what lies ahead until you stop looking behind you. The skills and tools that were once so effective will not be required where you are going. Release the expectation of how things used to be, for I am bring a brand new way from which you will operate.

What used to satisfy you, will no longer quench your thirst. I am leading you to where you will call home. A place where you have a belonging like none you have ever experienced before. Puzzle pieces that were just floating around as mere mysteries, will finally come into focus and completion. Areas of blessings, that I was setting you up for over decades, will finally fall at your feet.

Dance this very day! For many long awaited prayers are coming to you with Mighty answers of Yes and Amen. For Now is your time to see with your natural eyes what you could only see as Hopes and Promises. Do not despair that you had to wait so long, for My Child, you have been earning interest on every single delayed promise spoken over your life. What you will receive now, will be so unbelievable and unimaginable that your only response will be Unspeakable and Unshakable Joy. The Celebration has already been prepared in your Honor. Come, for I will show you the vast wonders of what I Am doing in your life this day.

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