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  • MaryEllen McCloud

December 1, 2018

The Father says, My People are letting fear run and rule their day. I have not called you to live in fear. Fear has no place in My Kingdom or Economy. Do you believe all of the bad reports? I have promised to give you a life of Peace and Joy! Which life would you rather have each and every day? The choice is always up to you.

I cannot give you what you will not accept in your heart and mind. There are many voices out there vying for your attention. Many voices will even attempt to speak for Me, but I did not send them. Listen to My Voice for I will speak directly to you with. I am not going to scream over the path of fear that you may choose to run down. How many times have all of the doom and gloom people been wrong, and yet My People are still swayed by the very next doom and gloom person who strolls on by.

I have said this world will have trials and tribulations. I never said it should rock you outside of the boat. I Am the Beginning and the End. Nothing happens outside of My Will. Who can claim to know what only the Father knows? Do not base your choices from people who will tell you a future that only I can know. My people are cursing the very blessings I have given them. You are creating the thing that you have feared the most when you do this.

Rise up and Stand, for I still have much work that needs to be done on this Earth for My Namesake. Stop complaining at ever little annoyance. If you want change, align with My Will and Voice. Be a flexible pawn in My game of chess. I will position you in the most key strategic places. Places where you will be used by Me to bring about the change that My People have prayed for. You can indeed speak yourself right out of the amazing life that I died to give you. Stop running after the fear, and run towards My Love and Grace over the world!

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