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  • MaryEllen McCloud

November 28, 2018

The Father says, Speak to your Mountain! I have given you the power over what comes against you. Where you lack in ability, I will fill in the gap. How many times have you had a problem resolved, and it suddenly vanished in one day without notice? You even had to start thinking to when you last knew the problem still existed. I have heard your prayers and seen your tears! My Voice has called to the deep within your spirit.

I invite you to drink deep in My Waters. I desire to give you more revelatory knowledge, and give you new tools to walk this life out with. Where you are going will require an upgrade, for the way things used to be will no longer be the case. What used to work for you, may be ineffective now. I am moving the rudder to the other side to give you another perspective. See as I See!

Too many of My people have become comfortable and complacent. They have stopped seeking more from Me. They are content without seeing My Glory all around them. They have put their trust and faith into their own control and reach. I say to you this day, that if you continue seeking the lower path, you will never reach My Very Best favor and abundance over your life! You have to fully step out in faith knowing that only I can fully satisfy you, and that only I can give you the breakthrough that you are in need of.

I am asking more of you this very hour. Do not let your eyes grow dim or your ears stop hearing. I am coming as the Lion over all things for you. Place all of your everything into My Hands. Do this as an act of Faith and Belief in Me, and what I can do! Refuse to take any of it out of My Hands. I know what is best for you. I will not disappoint nor will I bore you with empty promises. You have asked Me to have full dominion over every and all situations. Now watch My Majesty come shining down from Heaven onto all for you!

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