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  • MaryEllen McCloud

November 24, 2018

The Father says, Do not allow the twisting and dismissing of My word to enter your heart. Do not believe the lie that My Word is not relevant to the current world you live in. My Word stands for all generations! Do not buy into the mindset that I am asking you to get comfortable with the world. I have called you to be set apart; holy and righteous. The enemy of your soul wants you to be blind and deaf, so that you come into agreement with whatever goes against My Word.

You cannot live with a divided mind nor sit on the fence. That does not mean you have to treat sin with hatred or malice. You are not without sin yourself. You can speak the truth in Love as I have instructed you to. Love does not make cruel signs and stand on a corner. I Love the lost the same as the found. Do you not see? When you spread hate you create a motion where the lost may stay lost. You repel the very people that need Me the most.

It is My job to heal the lost and set them free. My Spirit will speak to their heart and mind. You just need to be a safe vessel for Me to work through. I require willing vessels that will go into difficult and challenging territories for My Namesake. You must be ready to go into situations that are uncomfortable, for I did not call you to be comfortable in your callings.

I am moving forward and paving the trail. Ground has not been lost like many have thought. Do you not think I have allowed certain things to happen so that I can pour out the greatest move of My Spirit ever witnessed by mankind? I know what I Am doing. When I was on the Earth, I walked with the unwanted and unloved in the world. You too are being called to leave your place of the familiar to be the Light in the World that I have called you to be.

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