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  • MaryEllen McCloud

November 12, 2018

The Father says, Just as the butterfly must struggle and press against the sides of the cocoon to be set free, so too are you in the moment of transformation and transition. The butterfly develops strength and endurance during this process, and so too are you in this now of your life. Do not think this is an attack of the enemy for it is not. This is just part of the Becoming that I am doing in your life. You are entering into what you are Becoming in Me and Through Me.

This time is but a moment that will flash by in your life. I have removed the blinders over your eyes, so that you can see My Hand working clearer in your life and in your situations. There are seasons where I will keep My influences blocked from your view to allow you will grow deeper in faith and trust in Me. There are times where I want you to see the Majesty that I am creating all around you, in an up close and personal way. Everything has a season and purpose under Heaven.

I have not left you without, for there are hundreds of camels all around you carrying what you will need now and for tomorrow on your journey. Nothing have I left to chance so erase the doubt in your mind and heart. I will come through for you because that is what I have always promised to do for you. Look closer, and you will see that I have indeed drawn your path in the sand. It may not go in the direction that you think it should, but it is indeed where you will need to travel.

Do not allow yourself to wander away because My Best will slip through your fingers. There is peace that I am laying over you this day. It comes to you like a thick cozy blanket wrapping you up in My arms of Love. I will never forsake you! Let Me Reassure your heart and mind that all will be ok, for My Voice trumps all other voices. Let the silence fill your soul until you can only Hear My Voice and See My Hand over your life. You are Mine and We are One under Heaven and Earth.

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