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  • MaryEllen McCloud

November 9, 2018

The Father says, From this day forward, consider the restraints removed. Like the birds of the air soar higher and higher without concern so too will you, as you step out into what I have planned for you. There is nothing holding you back from the reaches of the unlimited in My Kingdom. There will be those that say 'you can’t' with impossible on their lips. They will attempt to place boundaries, but don’t buy into it, for it is only an illusion cast by the enemy. Where I send you, I will make a way even when the doors are slammed shut.

When I say you can have all that I died to give mankind, I absolutely mean you can have all now. Too many of My people are waiting to receive when they leave this world. This is not correct thinking. I have made the way for My Fullness to be restored now into your hands. I brought the Kingdom to you 2000 years ago.

Don’t live a life believing that you are in a state of lack for I say there is no lack in your life. I will supply all of your needs to the riches of My Glory. If I died for you, why would I turn around and lie to you? What you see in the natural is not your true status! Today is a new day, and what you believe in Me for is what you will behold. I do not see you the way you see yourself. I see your complete, unending potential in Me and Through Me.

What man considers important is not what I place value in. Break free of the mentality to find fig leaves to cover yourself with. I have clothed you in Righteousness. I have placed My best upon you, and sealed our covenant with a ring on your finger. Do not place importance in your natural eyes for they can deceive you. Look at what I am doing all around you in the spirit. I am working things out for your good in all things, even things that you did not ask Me for. You are Blessed and Highly Favored.

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