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  • MaryEllen McCloud

What Is On God's Heart Today

What Is On God's Heart Today

I was just outside cleaning up after the rain storm when my mind was triggered to a lie that the previous owner of the house told us before the sale closed. He is the type of person that reminds me of a kid who lies just out of habit and then forgets what he said later on. It is a lack of maturity that causes the lying verses trying to be underhanded as the sole motive. Yes, he did not want to fix what was broken so he lied in a few areas. He still lives in the neighborhood, and I have taken his mail to him on many occasions. But today, God wanted me to realize that I was still angry about the lies, which I knew, but God wanted me to deal with it. The lies have cost us thousands in unexpected repairs on top of him doing his own electrical work completely wrong, which had to be fixed as well.

As I was processing it all before God, He said, "Forgive them Father for they know not what they do."

God said to my heart, people who sin against another person, really do not know the damage or gravity of what they have done. They see the flesh response and reaction, but they do not see it from Heaven's Perspective. They, in truth, cannot grasp the depths of what their transgression has done in fullness.

One transgression alone that would have sent Christ to the Cross. Even if Adam and Eve were able to avoid sinning again after the Garden, that one sin would have sent Christ to the Cross.

"Forgive them Father for they know not what they do."

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow... as long as this Earth remains, Christ would still choose to pay for any one of our transgressions.

God is calling us to do some house cleaning in our hearts. It is time to get rid of the clutter that still swirls up in our minds. It is time to fully accept the gravity of what the Cross gave us so that we can forgive in fullness those that transgress against us AND forgive ourselves for not seeing fully what our own actions have done.

Freedom was paid for. We have to choose to walk in it, not just in a handful of areas, but in everything.

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