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  • Replenished Hope Ministries

November 2, 2018

The Father says, I Am releasing Laughter to My people this day. My Unspeakable Joy is going to hit you like a tidal wave. It is time for My Bride to know beyond all natural eyes can see that I Am their Lord and High Priest. I Am still working all things out for beauty. You have nothing to fear and nothing to shake you out of your happiness.

I speak life over you. Strangers will look at you and wonder what it is about your life that gives you such peace and the illogical reason to be excited about life. They will see the Christ in you, and want to know your secret. I will open many doors for you to show My Light. Just Be and I will put the words in your mouth to speak. I Am the One who opens a person’s heart and mind for My Namesake. You just need to show up and let Me work through you. Release yourself from thinking you are alone in what I send you to.

New Challenges will bring New Glory that I desire you to partake in. I choose to bring you along side Me in what I Am doing all around you. Do not fear. I will guard you and guide you. People are not rejecting you, they are rejecting Me. This is My battle, but you will receive the reward. As you step out, I will reveal more and more wonders of My Kingdom. I will light you with a fire that will never burn out.

You can’t receive what you are not asking for. I already know what you desire and need. Come and lay your petitions before Me. I will not chase you away. My Love envelops you this very day! There is nothing that I will withhold from those that walk uprightly. I cloth you in the very best, and spare no expense in the plans I have spoken over your life. Laughter and celebration are your portion. The Sun will rise yet again and My Glory will fill your atmosphere. Feel the shifting and shaking. You are walking on a path your eyes have never seen before.

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