• MaryEllen McCloud

October 30, 2018

The Father says, Tarry until the morning. I will be with you! Do not let your eyes gaze upon what is behind you. My wind is blowing all around you. Do not struggle, but let My momentum push you forward. For the land all around you is changing this very day. Let go and let Me carry all of your burdens. I know the Beginning to the End. Nothing is out of My reach or understanding. You are covered and protected by My Love.

Desire only to hear My Voice for new assignments and instructions are coming with celebration from My Throne. The time of waiting is over. The harvest fields are made ready for the land is fertile where you will go. Your hands will not see waste, but prosperity will be your expected norm. There are many who speak against, with hearts of great disbelief. They do not fathom a God that would want His children to be without lack. They point blame for all that has gone wrong in their life. See beyond the noise and find the truth in My Voice.

The enemy is a finite being. He is limited in all ways. Do not give him more power than is possible for him to ascertain. Understand that he is in fear of the Christ in you! You have had the keys all along, but you must be diligent to watch and act. My people are giving him footholds into their life. Let Me guide you as to how to shut down his affects over your life.

I Am calling My Bride to take the land without hesitation. Do not let the world mold you into its image. I have separated you unto Myself. You carry My image and likeness wherever you go. Use the power you possess for I will be with you when you step out by My leading. You are not wrestling with flesh, but with the principalities of darkness. Do not be afraid for I have already given you the victory. My angels have already blown the trumpets. It is time to walk into a new era for My People!