• MaryEllen McCloud

October 24, 2018

The Father says, Sometimes people fail to see that they have left the valley and are on their way up to the mountain top. Their thoughts and actions remained unchanged despite everything else shifting. New challenges are met with old mindsets and prove to be unfruitful in their endeavors. History continues to repeat itself.

Whether you came from a family that let you down time and time again or were passed up for a big opportunity, know that I Am your Lord, and I will right the wrongs. This may not look the way you envisioned, but I will indeed make things whole and full as I desire for you to walk in. Do not get hung up in what you think you missed out on, for I will bring you better in due season. But you have to allow the better in to replace what was lacking.

I see everything you have been faced with. I see you in your alone moments where no one else is allowed to enter. I know the truth behind the brave front, and I can even answer the prayers you thought were unlikely to ever come true. Dare to step out on that ledge with that plea to My Throne room. You are at a time where I will answer quickly and swiftly, for Yes and Amen is your portion.

I can move the heart of the most harden of minds. I will renew even the most damaged of relationships for My Glory and Honor. A new level of purity is coming over the land. My people will learn to love with the Heart and Mind of Christ. Put down the weapons you have against one another. Choose to see people as the New Creation I Am molding them into. No one has arrived yet. Allow Me to continue the good work I Am doing in and through you for your days will be bright.