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  • MaryEllen McCloud

October 16, 2018

The Father says, Be mindful of the beliefs that you carry which cause you to speak against My plans in your life. Many have thrown up their hands to decide not to finish the blueprints of destiny over their life. They would rather believe in no hope for the world so that they may have justification to give up.

I will give you what you seek. To those asking to go home to Heaven so strongly that you are disrupting the purpose of the Bride here on Earth, I will no longer allow you to be a thorn in her side. I will silence your influence to those busy for My Namesake. The Harvest is indeed GREAT but there are few laborers willing to plow, sow, and reap for the harvest of souls.

Selfish are you and I will allow your words to cast you onto the sidelines of life, to no longer benefit in what is sown by those willing to put in the challenging work of the Kingdom. I will not allow your daily criticism to even hit the ears of those doing My Business in the World. I call you nullified for the rest of your wicked days.

Come and repent before My Throne before you permanently seal your own fate. I Am not finished with My Plans for humanity. I do not fulfill the logic of men, no matter how many beliefs they shout saying that I am going to do this or that. I have yet to take orders from mankind. Ask Me to open your spiritual eyes and ears, for your heart needs to receive My Love for all. I created you with Greatness for this Time in History. You have a choice to join in or miss out.

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