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  • MaryEllen McCloud

September 27, 2018

The Father says, Struggling against the current? There are times I will ask you to swim upstream to places that others will not travel or be invested in. There are times I will ask you to go with the flow of My Spirit into new territories. Today, find that I am asking you to go with the Flow.

Many are pushing and pulling only to find nothing is working. Let Go and Watch Me guide you in all things. All of the questions in your mind will soon quiet down. I have you at a time of short rest until the next door opens. Let My refreshing waters replenish you once more. Rest!

You have not missed My Grand Plans nor missed the latest turn in the road. Where you are is where you are to be. The scenery around you is changing by My Hand and not your own. You are on schedule and the changing of the Guards has begun. Embrace the New for the old is fading out of your focus.

Release the idea that you must strive hard to plow even a field that has already been worked. I see your heart to do well in what I have given you in task. I will make the crocked path straight and you will find what is before you will yield a bountiful harvest even while let the ground rest

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