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  • MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word September 19, 2018

The Father says, I Am changing your Heart which will change your Mind. Watch as matters you were stuck in one motion only, suddenly are unclogged and flow in rivers from a completely different direction. I Am a Father who will not leave you as I found you. Today I found you and Today I will deliver you from what is holding you back.

Forsake the old dried up roads of yesterday’s. I have poured fresh oil over your life. The New Wineskins are ready. The Field is waiting to be Harvested. You have come through and now is your time to Celebrate and Enjoy what I have set aside for you. Take off your sakecloths. I have wiped away the shame from your youth.

Look Up for My Goodness surrounds you. I Am invading your atmosphere. Heaven is at your ready. Ask! Seek! Knock! I will not withhold from those walking in righteousness. You are My Love and One who I am for through each and every challenge that you face. Stand up!

Be transformed from Glory to Glory- Now and Forever. You are Chosen, You are Prepared, and today You are Sent. I am not concerned if you stumble. Just get back up. I will hand your enemies over to you. I will restore your lands once more. I forsake not one promise over your life. Come into full alignment and you will definitely see that Promise flow in and out of you.

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