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  • MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word September 6, 2018

The Father says, Hear the rustling around you. Do not be dismayed. You will find an increase of protection and watch as the arrows against you hit the ground well before they come into your atmosphere. You are My Beloved. You have done well and even though you felt like giving up, here you still stand.

I Am Proud of how you have traversed these last few months. You found yourself digging in to see past the obstacles. Victory is surely your portion. You are not who you were even two years ago. Take a moment to look around for you are moving through the fog into the clearing. Seasons change the atmosphere.

Embrace what is to come. Allow My Healing to dwell within your deepest reaches. Live in the lifestyle of Heaven is already before you with ALL resources available to you. What you are in need of is for your now. Pray into your petitions with earnest. What you will not ask for will not find My Hand commanding. You are to speak the Miracle for it to manifest.

Faith is what will bring what is not into what is. Faith as small as a mustard seed will enable giants to be slaughtered near and far. See it happening it your mind’s eye, for it will surely become your reality. Stretch out your hand with full trust that I, as your Lord and King, will answer you in all matters.

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