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  • MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word August 29, 2018

The Father says, I will expose everything that is not of My Kingdom. I Am releasing those willing to walk in My Plumbline all across the world. I will send My true messengers to bring correction to the Body. Those that are willing to shift into My Light will be partaking in what I Am placing into My people in this hour. You cannot live as the world and expect it to not taint you.

Many of you will throw stones and sling words of hate towards My Plumbline. You will want to keep your idols and golden calves of yesterday. Divine Wisdom and Counsel is yours but will you see it as freedom or dismiss it as a lie? The enemy has surely blind even My most faithful if they allow it. BUT like a shockwave, I am eliminating this deception to those who are craving My Will and the Restoration of the Bride into ALL TRUTHS.

Many will choose to go down with these lies. The clashing of My Kingdom with false kingdoms will continue with violence and war. My True Church will walk out unscathed. She will be Bright and Brilliant like the rarest of diamonds. Her Righteous Purity will reflect My Light and Truth so perfectly that the world will no longer deny. Many of the fallen will come back into the fold like the prodigals that they have become. Tolerating lies must no longer be the way of My People.

My people will have a new appreciation for what each generation brings to My Body. The young and old will be used to usher in the Great Kingdom here on Earth. Your callings and destiny is here on Earth with this Kingdom. Do not miss out on what I have placed in your spirit to accomplish. You are here now for this point in time. You will not get a second chance to reach your destiny once you move on from this glory to The Glory. Do not waste this precious time counting the days until you can leave. This is foolish and a mishandling of the life I have blessed you with. You mean everything to Me. Rise Up, for the Hour is upon My Bride.

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