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  • MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word August 24, 2018

The Father says, In a world of harsh speech towards one another, I say be one who gives a soft answer instead. For wrath will diminish when you choose to rise above the words meant to cause strife. Guard your heart and mind for the enemy longs to use these types of interactions to take you out of righteousness. Let your heart remain pure in your dealings with people new and old in life. I desire to grow you stronger for My Namesake. Some interactions are meant to test your ability to see beyond this moment and into My heart for that person.

See yourself as My ambassador in a world of hostile and friendly fire. There are times to turn away and times to turn towards a situation. I will guide you for I have plans for you during your day when you least expect that I might. Be someone that others can approach for that Light within you is something that will surely draw those who are lost in the struggles of life. Let Me turn that Light up even brighter. Be ready for Me to take you up to a new level of Kingdom assignments.

Even the smallest job is one that establishes a new line for the enemy to try and cross. You are one who can and will push back the darkness. You are advancing territories and regions just by how you respond to people throughout your day. The Christian walk was not meant to be hard to do. Let Me be your pilot and just keep on the lookout for places that need what you are equipped for. I will use you in ways you didn’t even know you were able to affect. In My hands, all things are possible.

You can do more through a smile than all the weapons against you could potentially damage. I created your beautiful heart. I want the world to see just how sweet your spirit is with Me in your life. The walls that held you back are crumbling in this hour. The Shofar has been blown. Change is rapidly taking place. The NOW that you have been waiting for and the Suddenlies you have anticipated are manifesting straight to you. No more delay! No more wondering when!

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