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  • MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word August 22, 2018

The Father says, When the wind stops blowing in your sails, decide in your mind to bring change to your own atmosphere. I will teach and show you. I Am bringing you to a new level of maturity in Me. A level that knows when to take charge of their environment with My support and approval. I will let you know what is yours to command and what is not. Just follow the instructions and urging I place in your spirit.

You can do far more than you have been led to believe. Through the cross, much more was restored to mankind than has been understood. In fact, more is your portion today than ever before this moment. I desire you to walk in all that I have created you to do and be. In this season, I will slowly remove your training wheels that many have grown comfortable in using. I want the limitations removed. Yes, you will fall now and then, but I will lovingly pick you back up again. To go higher involves taking risks, but you are under My watchful eye and protection.

The anointings that you have been given, whether older or newer, are about to spring up into a larger blessing and favor as you step out into the unknown. Let your spirit flow in My Light and Glory. Dream what is on your heart to do for My Namesake. I will throw you even higher up into the air to catch even more wind in your sail. I enjoy seeing you reach new heights and new joys before Me. I plan to do amazing things in your life and give you an unbelievable testimony in the process.

You are My precious one whom I have watch My word to perform over your life. Today is a greater revealing of who you are in Me than you have ever known before. Even when you look in the mirror and see nothing special, know that I see someone out of this world in talent and ability. Come look now at what I Am doing right now for you. No one is above you. You are free to be before Me just as you are. I have called you as My own. It does not matter how small and insignificant you believe you are. I know the truth about you, and it is time for you to fully see how valuable you are. Get ready, for I Am about to rock your world and change your status. My Glory is before you this very hour!

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