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Daily Prophetic Word August 14, 2018

The Father says, I have said that I will restore your fortunes. People have spoken for or against My blessings and favor through financial means. Too many believe I have called My true servants to a land of poverty. If I have gifted you in specific areas do I not also intend to have you be compensated your just wages? Does your lack do something good for Me?

Many close open doors to financial independence because they believe it must be evil and not of My doing or will. I have not called you to a life to be filled with denial for the sake of denial. I will bless the working of your hands wherever I place them to work. Do not limit what I Am willing to do on your behalf. Focus on being good stewards in all things so that an increase is always your portion. You are free to enjoy the fruits of your labor without the notion of being in sin or burden. Keep a heart free of greed and lust.

Money is a tool and one that is needed across the Body. My people starve the Kingdom assignments due to ignorance on how Kingdom prosperity actually works. Be a blessing with what I give you, and I will surely fill up your storehouses with an abundance. You cannot out give Me. Place your heart of the things that are good and honorable and this is what you will receive back to you. For what you sow you will reap. Sow good seeds into My Kingdom with your first fruits and watch the enemy release his hold over your finances. When you withhold what is Mine, you will surely be enslaved by your own permissions and will.

Where your heart is will be where your money goes. This may bless you or curse you. I desire to give you ideas and strategies to be more fruitful not less fruitful. If I give you an idea, will I not help you walk it out to fruition? Do not curse those that I Am promoting financially. I will use you to supply the needs of others, for when you give beyond yourself to the purposes of the Kingdom, you will truly be in My Favor, overcoming no matter how hard the enemy attempts to block your blessings. Listen to My instructions and I will give you the solution to what you are needing.

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