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Daily Prophetic Word August 8, 2018

The Father says, To the on lookers watching David, they only saw a mere boy engaging the Philistine. David’s family did not see the value or capability in him either. Saul tried to fashion him into his own image with weapons and armor that was not his. Know this, when you go out after a cause in My Name, many will doubt your ability and try to tell you that your motives and methods are wrong. Being discredited and overlooked will not determine the outcome nor victory that I will place in your hands. If I send you to it, I will surely stand behind all that you do for My Glory and Honor.

There are assignments in life that only you were born to do. No one else wants that duty, and no one else will rise up to take charge over that situation. Do not fear when you see those moments around you. I Am indeed setting you up for this challenge. David knew he had been prepared through defeating a lion and bear. You will also come to a place where you realize past battles made way for your confidence in what you are facing today. Many wonder why I do not simply remove challenges and struggles from their life. Understand that had I not given you the opportunities of yesterday, then you would not be able to walk in the successes of today.

Trials and tribulations stretch and grow a person. How will you really know what you are capable of doing if you have never conquered anything too difficult? I know what you are able to do, but do you really? Until you walk through the fire, you will never truly know that the fire will not burn you. Situations always look scarier than what they turn out to be in truth. If I let you walk away from everything that brings you fear, you will only learn to fear everything. Your testimony mentors to others coming up underneath you. Be the leader and teacher that I have created you to be.

David’s path of victories opened doors for him to become King that no other door would have opened for him. Trust the path that I have you on. See the Good all around that I Am doing and setting your feet in front of doors that no man could do for you. Believe amazing opportunities await if you just continue down around the bend in the road that you cannot see past yet. Decide to not turn around when others question why you are here. Recognize that you are divinely placed in this moment of time for a purpose that may not be visible right now, but at the right timing, all of the pieces will fall into place. Choose to follow My leading and not the voices of men.


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