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Daily Prophetic Word August 6, 2018

The Father says, People will hurt you and have no understanding as to the depth that their words have plunged into your heart. They will discount the words that you express and minimize the impact in your life. I want you to just come to Me, Beloved. I have the remedy and healing balm for you. Just look into My Eyes and see that even the scar has disappeared. People can speak out of haste or ignorance. It does not mean their words have truth in reality.

I saw this day come from the foundations. It was before Me while Christ was on the Cross. What has come against you was paid for. Even though you have not felt any relief from this knowledge, I am coming to you in this hour. I will share in your spirit all that was done for you, both for your sins, but also for the sins done against you. I have taken care of it all. Let Me remove the pain for you this day, on a level of pure wholeness. I see your heart and your tears.

I will make any and all crooked paths straight. I will right the wrongs that have come against you. Understand that I am also doing a work within the other person. If all you want is revenge, you are missing My Love for all. Not everything was meant as evil against you even when it was used by your adversary as such. Sometimes your enemy’s action provide the best means to get you to that part in your destiny that no other means could deliver. See beyond the natural logic and reasoning. For Christ to get to the Cross, an enemy was used.

I will show you a new way to see what is going on. There is a blessing even in the darkest of hours. I will shine My Light there because I do not desire you to stay as children, but mature into Mighty Warriors who will laugh at adversity. To get there, you will have to travel through, but know that I will not let you be destroyed. I will use the pressure to make a person, and I will never abandon you no matter what. You will be better for what has happened if you allow Me to do such a thing in your life!

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