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  • MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word August 3, 2018

The Father says, Cherish the moments before you. There is beauty in every season not to be left unnoticed. There is life even in the shadows. Setbacks are never permanent. Every problem has a solution. Do not forget your true identity as you go about your day. You are Royalty and no longer wearing the rags of sin. Choose to see yourself through My Eyes. I created you in perfection, and through the Cross you are infused with My Son. Greater is your portion.

When you count yourself out of the game, you cancel your desire to follow My Blueprint crafted over your life. You forfeit My Highest Will and Plan for your life. When you walk away, how will you arrive to the Doors of Favor that I have just for you? It is true that My word will not return void, but who will it fall upon? You have free will and choices to make, that can affect many aspects of your journey. I will course correct to ensure that you hit the marks that I have along the way.

Many will follow their own heart until turmoil comes. Is this truly the way you desire your days to go? I long to pour out Unspeakable Joy. Will you ask Me for those ‘hard to believe in’ needs as well? Bad religion will say that what you deserve is nothing, but I say you are worthy of everything priceless. I have done everything for YOU! I made a way for redemption for a debt you could not pay.

Many think that I quit giving out more since the Cross. They will say in order to get closer to Me than you must do some convoluted rituals that will somehow do something magical. I did not make it hard to come into the Kingdom regardless of what others have told you. The thief on the Cross was not given a lengthy process to receive all that was paid for. I am not busy counting all of your faults and failures. We will deal with the missteps together, but it is time to Soar. Now is where I Am!

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