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  • MaryEllen McCloud

July 30, 2018

The Father says, There is a Crack in the atmosphere. Walk up to it and command it to open fully. In this season, I am requiring you to be present and counted. Active participates in what I am doing for mankind. You must put forth your faith to see the miraculous in this hour. I have set clues and diamonds for you to uncover. I am chasing and wooing those that deeply desire more from Me. What you do not crave will not be your portion to receive. I have so much more to show and teach you. While many have closed up shop calling the end to My work on Earth, I have not! I do not live in the minds and logic of men. I also did not consult anyone else about what I will do. Do not place yourself higher than Your Lord. Man has pieces, but not the whole manuscript. When you choose to be My student and relinquish trying to be the Master, you will be in a place that I can do everything in and through. We are moving forward from this place. You can come or stay. I urge you to choose wisely. You have to decide and not be wishy washy about whom you will follow. You can’t be in two places at once. I am raising up a new generation of those who are completely abandoned and will not forsake this path. To those willing, I will explode the supernatural realm over them to the point that they will walk in this daily. I did not create man to be limited in the ways many have believed. I created you lower than the angels but not helpless or useless, merely different for you have different assignments and influence in My plans. Release the mindset that you are just spinning around in the universe prisoners to the forces around you. No, You have power that comes from Your Unique Voice. I have brought you to this point because this is where I can use you the most. Release those not joining us, and just be ready for I am showing up and out. All has been made ready. You are going to love all that is to come.

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