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  • MaryEllen McCloud

July 27, 2018

The Father says, Are you in need of the First Born Blessing? In My Kingdom, there are no seconds. My Outpouring is Magnificent so grab what is yours! You are qualified and entitled to receive even more than you believed was your portion. It is by My Good Pleasure to lavish My Love upon you. There is nothing too hard for Me so look up for I will deliver you. You may have made mistakes but I do not look at you in those terms. I see you through the perfection of My Son, nothing less. Let Me erase the past that troubles you and choose to remember no more. Will I not even correct the scorecard in your favor? People have been wrong about you, but I have not. I fashioned you with My own two hands. I know every aspect, and I will never leave you. No one has thought they carried internally everything that is necessary to reach their call and destiny. Will I not fill in the gaps? I will move in and through to take you where you could not go on your own strength and ability. I am not concerned with what you lack. You possess the most precious of treasures within your earthen vessel. Do not discount what I consider the best assets. I do not make junk. I am renewing missed opportunities and lost moments from long ago. You will even be handed assignments that were not finished by generations long passed on. My Word does not return void and blessings will come to you that were not initially for you, but will fall upon your shoulders by My Love. I will waste nothing even when others do not find value in what is before them. I am sending you a much needed wave of mercy and grace to wipe away years of tears and scars. You are My Pride and Joy! Hold out your hands with full expectation.

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