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Daily Prophetic Word July 5, 2018

The Father says, By the Fire, you will be made purified. There is a new Fire coming to My people. One of splendor and One of wonderment. When you pass through, you will be given a new shield and sword. New Wisdom is filling the minds of My True to defeat the enemy before he ever sets foot upon the battlefield. You will see what is to come before the attack plans have even been fully made.

Do not worry about tomorrow. I will be by your side to meet every challenge that you find. What you think will make you weaker will have the opposite effect. You will thrive during adversity without becoming weary. I will turn all weapons made for harm into turned around blessings. What was sent to make you sink will allow you to walk on that water with greater confidence.

Feel My Fire grow on the inside of you. Know that you were made for this. See yourself flourishing in all things. My Children will be prosperous for My Kingdom. Receive My Love and Surely Mercy all the days of your life. Receive My Love. Start your day with just asking for My Love to be out-poured over your being. My Desire is to take you beyond human comprehension.

A new level of wisdom is falling to My People. Understand that the enemy’s blindfold was affecting those who could have impact in your life. But get ready, for the smokescreen is being blown away with My Breath of Life. It will be like an Awakening the world has never known before. They will come into their right minds and be set free with My Power and Might. Get out the welcome mat. You have new brothers and sisters in Christ to walk along side of, in My Kingdom. Together you will do great and wondrous things for My Namesake.

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