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I feel God wants to set some people free today.

I have seen many times over people using the Wilderness Example with Moses as to say they are going through the same thing. NO YOU ARE NOT! It does not matter how many actual days it would have taken to go from Egypt to the Promised Land, the Israelites were not going to get there any sooner. This has zero to do with what you may be experiencing.

The Israelites were rebellious people who longed to go back to what they were familiar with; Egyptian rule and Egyptian gods. They rejected Yahweh at every turn. It did not matter what miraculous supernatural unexplainable thing that God just did, they were complaining and trying to overthrow leadership.

We are under a New Covenant and Law. God may use the wilderness to prepare you, to heal you, to love on you with a new special intimacy that you have never known before. BUT it is in the Wilderness that your needs are met swiftly. Your petitions manifest in mere days and you can see His hand all around.

You are Blessed and Highly Favored. Yes, there is always pruning seasons that make us feel broken, but this is not what Moses was dealing with in full truth. You know your Lord. You seek to be His servant and friend. You are learning to trust Him even when you cannot figure out where we are going or what He is doing. You are on the path of the Becoming More like Christ and this is a wonderful place we are all going through.

Stand Up Tall for Your King and Savior is doing a NEW THING in your life and around your life!

Relax and Enjoy the Journey. No, you will not like all of the parts, but He promises that you will love how it all turns out. Release yourself from the madness that you are doing something wrong and going around the mountain again. If you truly are delaying yourself, God will tell you as you sit before Him listening and not speaking. It only takes a mere moment to get back on track if you are off. And the Best Part is that He is Gracious enough to accelerate us back to the correct place on our path even when we step off for a moment.

Grace does not cover up your mistakes; It heals your soul so that you do not keep stepping in the wrong behaviors, mindsets, and attitudes. Let His Grace Cover You Today and Always!

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