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Daily Prophetic Word July 2, 2018

The Father says, July is a month of Pure Delight and Unending Surprises. What is about to manifest has been gathering your due increase while in wait. If you cannot see in the natural then choose to tap into the spiritual realm. When you see with Heaven’s perspective you will truly be set free of the worry and fret.

Let the Rains fall upon every need you have for I have Greater for you to do with your resources. I am Unlimited so therefore you are Unlimited. Dream Big and then Go Dream Bigger! I am not a small God hoping you will only ask for the little and not the much. Reach Down Deep and Bring your Best Petitions before Me!

I have a New Way for My people to Operate. You are not a pauper for Your King owns it all. What you are faithful in let it be Increased far exceedingly and abundantly. If you have squandered time and resources, repent so that what is still yours will not fall to the ground in waste.

You are Diamonds in My Eyes. Let My Light Shine ever so brilliantly for the whole world to see. Do not waste what days you have down the endless trails of mankind’s own ways. Walk above the clouds so that you do not lose your way in mindsets sure to derail your purpose. Wrap yourself up in My Love. You are never denied!

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