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Daily Prophetic Word June 30, 2018

The Father says, Do not let the push back from the enemy make you lose your focus in this critical hour. You will overcome! Do not look behind and stumble. I have everything under My Authority. I am taking you to new places in the Spirit. What seems unfamiliar will soon be your normal way of life. Cast your cares upon Me.

I am allowing the stretching to accelerate your purposes over the earth. You are not limited by where you live to make an impact far and wide. You can touch people of all regions for My Namesake. Be open and let fear fall to the ground. You have more in common with those I send you to than you may realize. My Love surrounds you and holds the Nations for this generation.

All dark times break way to My Glory. I am aware of what is required in this hour. I am paving the way and setting the compass to the new headings. You are not wandering around lost. Trust and Believe that I will take you to the next and reveal what has been hidden as you come closer. My Master Blueprints are still in effect.

The seas are rocking, so sing your praises! Without My fresh movement you would be sitting in a stagnant pool of water. I will never leave you where I found you. Look past the natural realm and watch and see what I am doing supernaturally. You are not abandoned. In fact, Right Now I am carrying you on My Shoulders. Can you see more clearly now? Get ready, things are about to radically change beyond imagining.

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