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Daily Prophetic Word June 29, 2018

The Father says, I Am an Expert at Shutting the Mouths of the Lions. Does what come against you look like it is too much for Me to handle? Of course not! I will protect those that are Mine. Trust that I will deliver you from even your greatest accuser. I am the co-creator of your days. What I have sent you to no man can shut those doors.

Close your ears to the naysayers. They have nothing more to offer so let them fade away in the background. I will do as I have spoken over you. I Am your Father. You owe no one else any explanation. Get Ready! We are taking off very soon. You are rising above the noise and fog.

Your identity is in who I say you are alone. Cast aside those that cannot see the priceless pearl you are in Me. I have not asked anyone their opinion so rest assured that My Opinion of you will never change. You are becoming into the Image of My Son and I Am well pleased with you!

You can’t hold onto the past and the future at the same time. Don’t let the past cancel your beliefs that I have unlimited plans for your days. Failures are not predictors unless you choose to remain in that mindset. I say, throw it all to the ground and leave it there. Nothing is truly out of reach when I Am with you!

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