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  • MaryEllen McCloud

June 24, 2018

The Father says, Hear the thunder rolling in the distance. The atmosphere is being charged and positioned for change. Strongholds are being broken all across the land. Many, who are Now free, will seek the familiarity of bondage once more, but I say do not return to your former prisons. I am bringing you out. Do not fear your days, for nothing will bring you harm. All is in order this very day. Adjust your thoughts for you are in a new land. What was behind you may attempt to hold on, but do not allow it to wrestle in your beliefs any longer. Fresh wide open spaces are before you. You are walking into the latter days. Greater is to come. My arms are wrapped around you and My pinions will keep you safe. Trust and Believe! Dance in the streets. Dance throughout the lands. The Rain is falling. Your lands are being replenished and will flourish once more. The evil in the land is being pushed back for My people have cried out to Me. Righteousness is being restored even unto the highest of leadership. Eyes are opening and minds are awakening. I will continue to do as I have promised for those that walk uprightly. I Control the King’s Heart, and I will restore the lost years. I will establish My Glory upon your houses once more. What was in lack will be made up for 1000 fold and within many generations to come. If I Am your Lord then you have nothing to worry about. Cast your cares upon Me. I have greater for you to accomplish in these years. Do not step backwards into years of complacency once more. You are called to be an active participant within My Kingdom. There is no room for second guessing your purpose. What was not has become what is. See your favor before you!

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