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  • MaryEllen McCloud

June 21, 2018

The Father says, Freshness in the Vine allows for Freshness in the Wineskins. What you have allowed Me to cut and remove has allowed for a Sweet Sweet Harvest to come forth in this hour. You have expanded in ways that even you have not yet realized. In the secret and hiddeness of the wineskin have you grown and developed in the safety that only I can give you. You have been unable to move neither here or there even as you grew and became uncomfortable where you are at. What is about to be birthed in this hour comes from New Oil of Anointing designed for this hour. What was, will no longer do. Do not look to the former for there are no answers to what you seek. All that should be is now ahead. Dreams and Promises are raining down to areas of dry desert. Years of lack are ending. Release the negative mindset that will spit at the blessings that are for today. Be careful for the enemy desires that you forsake what is your favor. Stay on target and do not let illegitimate voices influence you. Those that wish you well will remain people of strength as you go on. Those who do not will be left behind so do not place your attention there. You have already walked through the fire even if you can still feel the heat. Rest in Me. Stop to get renewed daily. I will wipe away what is seeking to limit your vision. There are times when things seem far worse than what is truth. When fear enters, find this as a sign that you are being deceived about the circumstances. I have not given you the spirit of fear but of sound mind. What goes against My Kingdom must be eliminated. Be mindful of the exposed cracks in your life. What you allow to filter through will cause unrest. Come to Me for I Am your safe harbor!

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