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  • MaryEllen McCloud

June 19, 2018

The Father says, Many consider the valley a place to leave and not to flourish in. Will I not supply all of your needs to the riches of My Glory? Enjoy and Love all that I do in your life. Without the moments you have today, you will not have sown for what you will reap later on. The blessings that are for today far outweigh what you will receive on the Mountain. It is here that I take care of what is beyond your control. It is here that I Am ever present in a time of trouble. If you can’t see My Hand does that change the truth that I Am here? There are moments where building your faith and trust is paramount to your journey. What is being tested is not your demise. I have more for you and you will come out of all that you are going through with My Grace and Mercy. You cannot arrive on your own strength or ability. It is by My Power and Might. Release the desire to be perfect or to impress Me or others. I am not seeking such human expectations. What man will judge you by, I will not! I love you in your joyous moments and when you are frustrated beyond consoling. I will take it all and I will Love you through it all. I am not done teaching and showing you aspects that will benefit your future endeavors. What is built upon today makes tomorrow easier. Can you not look back on your life and find the truth? A child learns elementary skills so that they can master higher skills one day. You went higher in education because you finished the first grade. Many want to leap forward setting up an unstable foundation before them. Do not let the consequences of rash impatience be your guide. I will not always tell you what is ahead on the calendar, but I will take you from Glory to Glory if you keep close in full of expectation. I have only goodness for you. Nothing has changed since the day I created you. I so Love you! Accept My Love and Allow Me to flow in and through you. I will settle the matters before you at the right moment. I am not wasting your time and the suffering of mankind is never My desire. I will turn everything upside down into a blessing in disguise. Just believe.

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