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  • MaryEllen McCloud

June 13, 2018

The Father says, There is a disruption in the atmosphere. I am intervening over the Air, over the Sea, and over the Land. Many have asked for a Change back to Righteousness but when they are faced with their own hearts, they turn to hide. When you enjoy sin, you will justify the right to continue on doing so. I am turning things upside down and shaking everything that is removable. My ways are not yours. My thoughts are not your thoughts. Release what is doomed to destroy your life and leave you in ruins. Come into perfect alignment and just watch what Doors Suddenly Open Up for You. Man is righteous in his own eyes. It is Now that you must seek first the Kingdom. Let My Goodness be added unto you. I have not disqualified you. Be sure not to do so by your own actions. The Next 6 months are going to be a time where your vessel is cracked in order to ENLARGE your inner capacity. I will fill every cracked gap and the New will be Birthed out into the Open Door before you. Look all around. Sudden Opportunities are springing up far and near just the same. Monumental Glory is all around. Do not squander the time. What you are in need of, find the answer before you. I have left no request off of the table.

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