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  • MaryEllen McCloud

June 10, 2018

The Father says, Heaven is just part of your journey and not even your end goal either. Your journey began at the very foundations of everything that I created into existence. Yes, You had a beginning destination, but who said you will have an end destination. Get your mind focused on what is before you lest regrets consume you as the sand slips through your fingers. I am not stirred by the media or never ending news reports. Do I look caught off guard? Stay Steady and Stay the Course! You have much more to accomplish before I call you home, just as your brothers and sisters do as well. Closing up shop early won’t make Me change My Mind about all that I desire to do for mankind. It just means you are refusing to be a part of the Beauty and Glory I am pouring out to all flesh. You can’t live in two mindsets at the same time. Put your heart, soul, mind, and spirit into what I have for you NOW! Let later come when later comes for you. You are missing out of the very blessings that I have for you today by looking to the horizon instead. There are rare gems within your earthen vessel still waiting to come forth. Put your life in My hands and just watch all that you will become. Hear Me! You are to complete the commission and walk out what I have instructed you to do and be. If you consider yourself Mine, then be Mine in every way. When you fall short, I will wrap you up and work on those areas in need of change. Decide to not live a life less than My Very Exceptional Best. I will take you to the very reaches and beyond. I have no limits on you. Let Go and I will take care of the rest.

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