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Daily Prophetic Word June 9, 2018

The Father says, Stop and think if I told you to do this or not. What looks like a great idea may not turn out that way. I want your efforts to be available for what I have for you specifically to partake in. You have noticed the chasm in front of you and wondered how you will get over to the other side. Reach out for My Hand.

I have arranged all that you need. What seems like it will be a grueling endeavor will just find My Supernatural explosion. You will be transported and transplanted to the right place and the right time. What seemed complex will come into understanding. What was above your level will be below your feet. I am bringing order to your steps. The howling winds will cease. You are walking towards a season of stillness but one where you will be busy for My Namesake. Do you see yet?

What has been growing on the inside of you is about to come out with full force from My Kingdom. Those that counted you out will watch you be exalted up to new platforms within My design for your life. Turn your focus from what was to what is for you today. Now is where we are together. I a shaking the establishments around to step out of the religious ways of men and come towards what I desire from My People.

Change is part of life. Be flexible to what I a moving you onto. When you resist or protest, you will miss a timing that is purely divine. Some doors do not come back around. Be wise and see things through your spirit. Obedience is better than sacrifice. Keep order to your house and time. I a moving you beyond the ordinary but first you must believe in the extraordinary that is your portion.


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