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Daily Prophetic Word June 8, 2018

The Father says, For many, they stare at the problems in their life and wonder when the situation will change chemistry and makeup. I want you to adjust your focus and no longer spend your days wondering about that issue because I have already given you the way for breakthrough. You have not noticed because your eyes are only attracted to the mess and distress. I am placing New Keys of Authority in your hands.

Align with My Will and Seek My Presence. I will teach you how to manifest all that you are in need of in this hour. You are no longer children. I am raising you into mature Sons and Daughters. I am stretching you further than you believed could be stretched. I am showing just who I have made you into being. Where once you were weak and indecisive, now you are wearing your armor and weapons in full command of what you will do next.

You cannot get to the next level without being tried and tested. This is a great benefit to you even if the message escaped you in the moment. It means you have passed and are ready. YOU ARE READY! Do not forsake the small beginnings. You came here step by step and now you can soar with confidence. What would have stopped you in the past has no chance of that today. Rejoice for you have come through the fire unscathed.

You cannot take on the next assignments while you are hanging onto the current ones. I am reordering your time and structure to place down and pick up. I will make it known what you are to move on from and what is for your now. Not everyone will agree with what you are doing in these coming months and years. Stay close to Me so that you do not let their complaints sway you into the wrong decisions. Even when they believe you are irreplaceable for that task, if I have you moving on, trust that I know what is best. Staying too long can have a negative impact for you and them. Remain faithful and true.

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