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What is on the Lord's Heart Today

What is on the Lord's Heart Today

When I woke up this morning, I was heavily grieved in my spirit from t

he Lord. He showed me His people living in chronic sin because "they can get away with it" as the world sees nothing wrong with what they are doing. In their heart, they know it is wrong, but they have justified it as "this is just how things are in today's world."

God immediately spoke to me that He is unraveling their delusions and removing the foundations they have been walking on. I saw calamity from this area and that area falling upon these people. They are lying in rubble dirty and naked as they looked up towards Heaven.

We are not of this world. It is so easy to create friendships and social networking around people who will accept the sins we choose to live in. So many refuse to look at their own actions and behaviors as the root source of their unending problems.

When we willing get in bed with what the devil wants for our lives, we can't expect God to bless us in the choices we are making against His Authority. God is not trying to keep us from "fun." God created this life to be enjoyed. However, when we live in the flesh and sins, we walk right into the enemy's traps, snares, and open gateways into our soul for the enemy to affect us in any area he desires.

BUT.. God is the God of Redemption and Repentance. Let Him Heal and Restore you into a Son and Daughter with No Spot or Wrinkle. All sin looks wonderful until it leads to death. And all sin leads to death. Grace is not the power to just cover our sins, but the Power to heal our soul so that we no longer do those sins. Embrace the fullness of what God is offering each and every day. Their is no happiness in the enemy's plan for your life. Whatever we think we are enjoying in sin will always be our undoing.


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