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Daily Prophetic Word May 31, 2018

The Father says, I am clearing your calendar. Many days have filled your waking hours with unnecessary tasks and conversations with those that will dishonor you in the end. Many seek to take what you have. They spend time with you just to see what I am doing in and through you, only to attempt to steal what I have given only you.

Do not waste time thinking about those walking out of your life right now. They are not going with you into the New that is Breaking. I will deal with those who live a life of dishonoring My True Vessels. I will answer to their deceit and uncover their true heart. You cannot step on someone to rise up higher. I will not receive someone operating in those motives.

Now is your time to Catch Me. Set your eyes on the prize and Run. You will not be denied. Come, for I have much to display before your feet. All things really are becoming Brand New. Years of Promises are truly manifesting in this season. You held on with Great Faith even when others said it would never happen.

I will bless you! Do not look to undo the very thing that I am setting before you in this hour. Guard your tongue. Sing Praise and Celebrate in all circumstances. Complaining about this or that will blind you to the truth around you. The enemy looks to get you to wander off of the path and onto the negative. Let that vanish completely from your mind. You are walking into Greater Majesty!

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