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Daily Prophetic Word May 29, 2018

The Father says, Do you feel like you are walking when you should be running or running when you should be walking? The enemy desires to cripple you with confusion about what you are do, but I am lifting this confusion and setting your mind straight with deep determination. Waves are crashing over you and pushing you into areas that you did not set out to go into. I am taking your hand to pull you out of this current. People have been speaking evil to you, but I am going to silence even your biggest accuser.

This is your time to soar and there are those that will try to tie weights to your ankles. What comes against you will not succeed. Like a pesky fly will you swat it all away. People will scream for you to come back and answer to them, but keep on walking. I have not made you subject to illegitimate voices. Find even today that your steps suddenly feel lighter and your cares melt away in My care. I will calm your thoughts so that you do not let uncertainty run wild in your mind. This serves no purpose, so decide to accept this freedom from worry and anxiety instead.

Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world. Let that be the song in your heart this day. Let your worship be unbridled and uncontained. Let there be no room that can hold it in. Your voice surely reaches My Throne in Heaven. I am dancing with you and watching carefully over My word to see that it performs. You cannot hold positive and negative thoughts about the same issue in your hands at the same time. One will always win out over the other. Which will you decide to hang onto?

Let the positive mindset draw the law of attraction right to you this day. Find breakthroughs on issues that would not submit to your authority before now. Find keys and answers to areas that you could not figure out before now. Strategies are being reborn inside of you to handle the higher dilemmas that have plagued you. I will never leave you without My Wisdom. Call upon Me for what you feel in lack of. I am right here ready to give you all that you are in search of. You are not denied, and find that even your spiritual senses become more alert from this moment forward.

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