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Daily Prophetic Word May 20, 2018

The Father says, Give yourself some credit. You have withstood the strongest of waves and you are still standing waiting for what is to come next. Many would have run, but not you. People have looked on hoping you would crash and burn, and yet you are still here doing better than ever. Even in your weary moments, I have carried you onto victory. Tomorrow will bring the refreshing winds you have longed for. Just Hold On!

I am sending the reinforcements and resources to take you to the next that I am setting you up for. You have wondered how you will get from here to there. I am giving you peace that all has been taken care of, and you will get there with little effort on your part. Enjoy the downtime between now and what is to come. Many aspects of daily life are receiving an upgrade. Did you catch that? The standard of normal is about to get a make-over just as Joseph went from a prison cell to the palace.

Do you have the faith to believe in such a thing? I am going to make a believer out of you, just keep looking up your salvation is near. You have done well getting prepared and making sure all that was within your responsibility was taken care of completely. Now let Me have the rest of the list. I will check of each item on your list until all is finished. Are your bags packed because you are being pushed towards that soon to open door even in this hour. What would not open for you in the past is indeed going to do so very soon.

August into September is bringing a much awaited celebration into your New Beginning. Even aspects that you had forgotten to ask for any longer are coming through in full payment with interest. I have not misplaced your prayers even if you felt to move on. I am setting you up for awe inspiring joy that will send shock waves all around you. The frustration you have felt for most of this year is breaking off of you, and the lessons you are learning will take you farther than you can imagine. Set your heart into full expectation. You are My Beloved and there is nothing that I will not do for you!

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