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Daily Prophetic Word May 19, 2018

The Father says, What you wrestle for or against is coming to a pinnacle of My Glory. I am tying up loose ends and establishing you upon the High Point for you to see with a new vantage point. What looked impossible will get a fresh Light upon it. You will see the strategy being laid out before you.

Come Up Higher. Hear the Thunder and See the Lightning. Can you feel the Air Shift as the Atmosphere receives the Charge. My Angels have gone out before you. Take up your Spear and Shield and move forward. What you fear is about to be made a prisoner to your mind and will. You were born to Overcome at this exact moment.

Many will take for granted what is about to happen and walk right on by their Miracle. Take heed for this moment is priceless. What you focus on will become larger in your life. Be sure to recognize what is Good and what is tearing you down. Let go of what does not produce life in and through you.

Let go of arguments and strife that ultimately will go nowhere. Sometimes silence is truly your best response. I will handle what is just and what comes against you that is meant to rob, steal, and destroy. I will allow nothing to harm even your hair in this hour. You are moving through a turbulent hallway but know that you are to just be Still. I will take care of the details. Rest and Enjoy these moments. Everything is about to change.

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