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Daily Prophetic Word May 17, 2018

The Father says, What was done in the past is still available to you. For if I Am with you, even the shadow will cause miracles, signs, and wonders. Be a people who truly understands that the limits were removed at the Cross. You are no longer a beggar but Royalty. Ask and it shall be given unto you according to My Will.

Come closer for My Will is not hard to find. Stay in My Flow and you will move with My Rivers. The Unseen will be Seen and Great Mysteries be Revealed. I am cleaning house inside and around your life. Watch and see just how Beautiful you Grow through the Process. Forsake what does not serve with life into your day.

Be Still. Let Go of human efforts that are useless for I am the one who directs your steps. You have heard Me correctly even in the still small voice. I will send you the confirmation if needed, so trust the move of My Spirit over your journey. I will not let you fail. You are stronger than you realize.

Look Now, for what was once difficult now seems beneath your abilities. You have done well these past seasons even when you felt you were barely holding your head above water. When you could only crawl, now you will soar high above the clouds. Your focus has been made anew and clarity has awakened your fresh purpose for such a time as this.

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